Sand Foundry

Our foundry has the capacity to supply castings through the no-bake and investment processes. We produce sand moulds using the automated no-bake moulding system, giving us great flexibility as well as the ability to pour castings up to several thousand pounds. Additionally, the induction skull melting process is capable of producing reactive alloy castings at a signifi¬cantly lower cost and with unmatched alloy flexibility.

Pattern shop

  • We use the latest simulation software to predict and prevent problems before a single mould is poured.
  • Possible problem areas and defects that might occur during the casting process can be seen as visual outputs with the help of this Simulation software.
  • By using the simulation software we can analyze the solidification, flow, and heat stress module.
  • We stores customer patterns in a separate facility away from the daily operation of the foundry. If necessary, we can produce patterns according to your blueprints.

Moulding line

In order to improve the productivity and eliminate the need for heat or gassing we are using no bake process. The no bake process helps us to free from veins, scabs, erosions & hot tears due to excellent high temperature properties superior to other core making process.


  • We produce sand moulds using the automated no-bake moulding system, presents the opportunity for great flexibility in mould making.
  • It is possible for us to accommodate different moulding sands, different flask heights and different metals all within a single line.
  • Our semi mechanized moulding lines are installed with resin bonded sand system and complete reclamation facility.

Melting Units

All melting units are accomplished using coreless induction furnaces with the following units.

  • 175 kW – 250 & 500 kg crucibles – each 1 number
  • 350 kW – 250 & 500 kg crucibles – each 1 number
  • 450 kW – 1000 kg crucibles – 2 numbers.
  • 1500 kW – 1500, 3000 & 6000 kg crucibles - each 1 number

Heat Treatment Facilities

We have a combination of electric and oil fired heat treatment furnaces, which are

  • 250 kg & 1000 kg electric furnace – 1 number
  • 4000 kg oil fired furnace – 1 number
  • 6000 kg oil fired furnace – 1 number
  • Water quenching facility up to 80,000 litres capacity with forced air cool facility.
  • All our heat treatment furnaces are calibrated by TUV, Lloyds & IBR according to API 6A & ASTM 991 standards.

Fettling Units

We have a fully equipped fettling and welding unit to ensure the shorter lead time and reliable quality.

Cast parts are shaken out of the moulding sand, which is recycled