Investment Foundry

KUI Investment casting uses the lost wax process to produce complex precision castings in a variety of materials. It is highly automated facility with 30,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space and further areas designated for future expansion


  • Our equipment design is based on detailed process know how and extensive long term experience.
  • Automated wax injection presses 12 ton to 35 ton with 10000 CC injection volumes.
  • In-house developed inject able pattern, riser wax, water soluble wax and ceramic core.
  • State of art shelling facility with precisely controlled environmental condition.
  • Robotic shelling for heavier parts under installation.
  • Rotary hearth shell sintering furnace for uniform heating of shells.
  • Battery of induction furnace crucibles (100kg ,150 kg and 250 kg) – 5 Numbers.
  • Electric heat treatment furnace with quenching car mechanism.
  • In-house R&D facility to enhance our capability.


Dimension:  Any part within 700mm cube and in the weight range of 0.05 kg to 80 kg with wall thickness of more than 2mm

Alloys:  Ferrous and non-ferrous metals and its alloys including nickel, cobalt and copper based.

Lead time:  8 weeks for new product development and 4 weeks for regular supplies with > 99% on-time delivery. When you need few castings in shortest possible time, we are there to supply the castings in 4 days time.